Romani Rose/s Kali maxi dress

136 000 Ft

Comfortable sleeveless maxi with open V-neckline, open in the middle at the front. Material: 50 % cotton-silk naturale textil inside, 50 % poliester-cotton mix textil outside.

Romani Rose/s Zeleno skirt

99 000 Ft

Comfortable maxi dress with Romani Green pattern and rubber waist. Fabric: 100 % neoprene

Romani Rose/s Loli jacket

266 000 Ft

Unique Romani Loli patterned, cotton-lined neoprene lightweight, comfortable jacket with pockets and buttons. Material: 50% cotton silk natural textile, 50% neoprene.

Romani Rose/s Ruby jacket

170 000 Ft

Light summer blazer with button set and pockets. Material: cotton silk and tulle

Romani Rose/s Ruby trousers

128 000 Ft

LIGHT, SUMMER elegant trousers with pockets and buttoned waistband. Material: COTTON SILK AND TULL

Romani Rose/s Black maxi dress

130 000 Ft

Flexible, comfortable A-line maxi dress with pockets with Romani Green pattern. Material: 100% light neoprene -

Romani Rose/s maxi vest

258 000 Ft

Handmade patchwork pattern, A-line, side slit vest with pockets. Eco-friendly product using previous designs. Material: silk, cotton

Romani Rose/s Kali maxi shirt

170 000 Ft

Comfortable shirt with recycled patchwork pocket and collar, with cuffs. Buttoned to the hip. Material: 100% cotton

Romani Rose/s Orange pullover

94 000 Ft

Flexible pullover with a masculine line decorated with an orange passe and with pockets. Material: cotton-polyester mix

Romani Rose/s Orange trousers

76 000 Ft

Flexible, straight-lined trousers with rubberized waist pants and pockets. Material: cotton-polyester mix

Romani Rose/s oversized pullover

123 000 Ft

Oversized pullover decorated with orange passe. Material: cotton-polyester mix

Romani Rose/s Black Lulu coat

345 000 Ft

Lightweight, comfortable spring-summer jacket with a unique Romani Black Lulu pattern. Lined with cotton silk, satin silk outside.