Our big dream came true when we visited the fare in Csatka in the autumn of 2019, which is the most important festival of Roma people in the Carpathian Basin. Thousands of pilgrims and Roma from all over the world come to the small settlement in Komárom County on Assumption Day.

Romani’s designers have been visiting the religious festival for years, and this time they even came into more intimate contact with the young people, the elderly and their families, as they have taken portrait photos in collaboration with photographer Zsófia Pályi, both in their own and Romani’s clothes. The images also feature elements and accessories of festive wear: giant gold chains – and jewelry, layered skirts, pendants depicting saints and cross-shaped necklaces, even life-size statues of Mary. The Roma communities that visit Csatka see the Virgin Mary as a symbol of fertility and family, and this is also emphasized in their attire. The photos wonderfully illustrate the diversity of clothing of Roma communities and the exciting encounter of traditional elements and modern trends.