It is now a tradition to prepare a visual campaig on the occasion of International Women’s Day, as it is an integral part of our mission to change the often generalising and steretypical narrative of Roma women. In 2020, a few weeks before the arrival of the coronavirus, we asked four Roma women to formulate messages to other Roma and non-Roma women, dressed in our Blueprint collection. The collection draws on the tradition of blue painting and emphasises pride in the Roma-Hungarian dual identity: the patterns of Hungarian blue painting workshops and traditional Roma motifs are organically linked in the pieces of the collection.

“From the beginning, I think it is important that our business – in addition to providing livelihoods and training for Roma women – is a space where Romani girls and women can be together, reconnect to their identity and each other. I really enjoyed this photo session where we could spend meaningful and creative time with these talented and wonderful women in the rethought Roma interior of our salon, ”said designer Erika Varga.