In 2019, Romani Design started a partnership project with Slovo 21 from the Czech Republic and the Association for Better Life in Slovakia. The aim of the project was to acquaint those interested in fashion with the traditions of Roma wear, which have already been forgotten in many cases, based on the traditions of the Roma communities living in the three countries, thus building the prestige of Roma culture.

Romani and its partner organisations involved Roma women and young people from different parts of the three countries, with whom they conducted creative fashion sessions and collected archival photos and costumes from the participants’ families. The materials and inspirations collected were put together by Romani into a collection that is modernising old styles with contemporary tailoring and unique patterns based on local traditions. The collection was presented online in December 2020 as part of a fashion event, and the Slovak partner organisation photographed the pieces near Kecerovce with young girls living in local Roma settlements, who also took part in a joint workshop with Romani in February 2020.