Terms and Conditions

The Romani Social Cooperative Fashion Studio (original Hungarian name: Romani Divat Stúdió Szociális Szövetkezet) sells its products and related services on the www.romani.hu website and webstore (hereinafter refered as “Webstore”) with the following terms and conditions:


Datas of seller who sells its products and related services in the Webstore:

  • Company: Romani Divat Stúdió Szociális Szövetkezet
  • Location and mailing address: 1156, Budapest, Páskomliget u. 29., 2/9
  • Company registration number: 01-02-054005
  • Tax number: 14715635-1-42
  • Bank: ERSTE Bank
  • Bank account number: 11600006-00000000-33981400
  • Internet: www.romani.hu
  • E-mail: info@romani.hu
  • Phone: + 06 1 788 1034

Hereinafter referred as “Seller”


2.1. The present GTC covers all product and service sales & contracts which are made by the Seller with all the Customers in the Webshop from the entry day of this GTC.

2.2. The contractual relationship between the parties is made up by this GTC and by the unique contract created electronically, after the order sent by the customer and after the Seller confirmed the same order. By sending the order, the Customer automatically accepts the terms and conditions in this GTC.

2.3. Any general terms and conditions of the Customer has no legal force between the parties.

3. The conditions of Purchase, Costumer Registration

3.1. Every adult natural person is entitled to make any purchases in the Webshop, legal person, company or other organization (hereinafter referred to as “Customer”) who does not have legal personality.

3.2. Shopping in the webshop is not concluded to a valid registration.


4.1. The subject of the contract between the parties is the range of products and services sold in the webshop.

4.2. The essential characteristics and properties of products and services are introduced on the information-product site of each product and service.

4.3. The information is updated regularly by the Seller in the webshop for sale, and will do its utmost to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date, however we do not take responsibility for the potential inaccuracies, and omissions.


5.1. The webshop Customer’s intention to purchase the products and services (order) implicitly can be indicated towards the Seller in the following methods:

5.2. In the web store the Costumer can enter the amount wished to order by any products what the Costumer can choose to buy by adding it to the basket. The basket content can be changed at any time before sending the order.

5.3. After selecting the products to the customer by clicking on the shopping cart, the Costumer gets the modul of Selected items to buy. The Customer must fill out an order form, where the Costumer must provide additional information for invoicing, for transport and choose the payment method. The customer is then required to check the accuracy of the data, to correct any data entry errors, and by clicking the “Order” button the Costumer can send its order electronically to the Seller. The Customer order sent electronically to the Costumer is considered as the legal statement of making contract. By sending the order electronically, the Customer states that the content of this GTC is accepted and it is bound by itself.

5.4. The Seller records the arrival of the Order electronically, which fact will be notified for the Customer per e-mail.

5.5. The Seller accepts the Order in case the Customer fully completed all the required fields in the ordering form, all the data given by customer are real, shipping address is correct and the bank transfer was completed. The Seller does not take any responsibility for the mistakes caused due to faulty data given by Customer.

5.6. The contract comes into force when its confirmed by Seller after the successful bank transfer.

5.7. After the contract came to force, it obligates the Seller to delivery the product.

5.8. The contract on force obligates the Seller to deliver the product in required quality and the Customer to pay for it.

5.9. The Contract signed electronically by both parties it counts as legal contract between Seller and Customer what is regulated by normatives of Ektv.

5.10. The customer copy of GTC or the order confirmation can be printed out or saved by customer.


6.1. The product prices in the webshop are VAT included prices. The prices are indicated in HUF, EUR, GBP or USD.
Promotional prices are separately indicated. Promotional prices are valid during the indicated promotional period or by the stock availability.

6.2. Any price indicated in the webshop does not including the shipping cost.

The shipping costs are following:

To Hungary:
the shipping cost is 2200,- HUF

The shipping cost for any order to:

-Europe is 30 EUR
-Asia is 30 EUR
-Africa is 30 EUR
-North America is 45 EUR
-South America is 35 EUR
-Australia is 45 EUR

6.3. Seller have the right to change the price of any product. The webshop prices are valid from their online appearance.
The price changes does not have affect for contracts on force. In case the price indicated in the webshop is not correct by any mistaken -especially the clearly incorrect prices- the Seller may offer to deliver the goods on correct price or the Buyer have right to ask the Seller for delete the order.


7.1. To pay the purchase price customer have the following choices:

  • advance bank transfer
  • online card payment


8.1 in case this way of payment have been selected by customer, they need to transfer the purchase price to the Seller’s assigned bank account what is led by ERSTE Bank Hungary Zrt. with following number:
The Seller will issue a bill posteriorly.

8.2. The Seller after the purchase price was credited on their bank account will ship out the goods by Customer chosen way and will facilitate the personal pick up. The package will include the original copy of the issued bill.


With OTP Simple Pay credit card payment, the customer can pay comfortably and safely for the selected product. After the online payment was selected by the Customer, the buyer will redirect to the website of OTP Mobile Kft. where he can pay by credit card with encrypted and the most secure transaction. After the customer have chosen the card payment needs to fill up the required data as the Card number, expiration date and the security code. Acepted card types are: VISA Classic, VISA Electron, Eurocard/MasterCard


Purchaser may withdraw within 8 working days (including the 8th working day) without any Justification. The disclaimer process is regulated by the Hungarian Government Decree 17/1999. (II.5.) about the contracted parties in distance. The purchaser’s right of withdrawal is valid from the date of goods received. The Purchaser may communicate the statement of withdrawal to the Seller on the phone number provided by Seller, post or e-mail address.

The service provider’s details and contact information.

In case the customer take their disclaimer rights they have to care about the goods return on their own expense. The goods can not be returned by cash on delivery way. The Romani Social Cooperative Fashion Studio does not take cash on delivery returns. In case of the goods were damaged by improper using The Romani Social Cooperative Fashion Studio will claim compensation to Customer. Any other expenses can not be charged to the disclaimer.
The disclaimed goods must be returned personally or by courier service to the official address of The Romani Social Cooperative Fashion Studio (Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 26) . Our customer Service can arrange the return of the disclaimed goods on disclaimer request and on the disclaimer expenses.

After the disclaimer’s right were accepted by The Romani Social Cooperative Fashion Studio the purchased price will be refered to the Customer’s account within 30 days as stated in the current legislation.

The Customer may not exercise the right of withdrawal

in case of the product was customized according to purchaser’s specific instructions or which can not be returned by its nature.
additional cases specified by the legislation.
The regulations above are valid only for purposes contracting customers (consumers) with regard to prevail beyond the economic or professional activity.


11.1. Our products will be supplied by DHL International GmbH. under the terms of its own general terms.

11.2. In case for any reason is not possible to keep the delivery deadline undertaken, the Seller will inform the Buyer about the expected duration of the delay.

11.3. The Seller is not responsible for delays caused due to external circumstances beyond their control that might occur and was not predictable at the time of order confirmation, and which could not be eliminated by reasonable measures.

11.4. In case of any of the ordered product is out of stock or the ordered amount is not available Seller shall notify the Buyer as soon as possible. The parties may agree in additional details of the order fulfillment or combined shipping configuration. Order counts fully fulfiled after the last part of the shipment was received. The delivery date deadline of the shipment in this case depends on arrival of the last goods belonging to the order to our stock.

11.5. Customer obligates to check the content of the package on receipt if the content is matching to the items issued on the bill or to the order given. Any deviation recognized by the Customer Immediately needs to be reported to the Seller. The Seller shall investigate the matter and, if necessary, arrange the exchange. In this case the return delivery is provided by the Seller’s logistics partner (DHL). In case of faulty performance the redeliver costs are charged to the Seller.

11.6. Customer obligates to check the content of the package on receipt if the content is matching to the items issued on the bill or to the order given. Any deviation recognized by the Customer Immediately needs to be reported to the Seller. The Seller shall investigate the matter and, if necessary, arrange for the exchange. In this case the return delivery is provided by the Seller’s logistics partner. In case of faulty performance the redeliver costs are charged to the Seller.

11.7. Customer acknowledges that the package needs to be received within the prescribed deadline otherwise the Seller is entitled to cancel the contract – with the simultaneous notification to the customer and by returning the purchase price.


12.1. The Seller guarantee that the quality of all the products and services provided on their website are fits to the related descriptions and to the current Hungarian laws.

12.2. The delivery counts as received by signature on the post’s receipt.

12.3. Customer obligates to check the product on receive. Any obviously visible quality concerning issue needs to be reported to the Seller within 48 hours or in case of hidden issues (like material or manufacturer – or any at the receiving not visible failures) needs to be reported within 30 days or within the limitation period.

12.4. The claim has to be described to the Seller accurately with all the details and circumstances with all the proof of evidences. The Seller have right to ask for the presentation of the invoice.

12.5. Using or selling the claimed product during the investigation is strictly prohibited. The customer is obligated to provide the claimed product to the seller for further check-up.

12.6. The Seller shall make proposal to fix the claim within 15 days after the goods receiving and they identified the legitimacy of the claim. Depends on the nature of the failure the seller could propose repair, product change or discounting the purchased price. In case of the product change the Customer obligated to return the claimed product to Seller.


Personal data provided by customer can be used and stored by seller only for order fulfillment purposes, to proof any contract related issue or for any other case pre-approved by customer (like newsletters).
Customer’s personal data can not be forwarded to third party just in case the third party is contributing to the order fullfilment and tey contracted to seller.
All the regulations about data management and data protection laws and rules are available in the Appendix no. 2 of the GTC.


14.1 By buying in the Romani Webshop the customer agree and accept all the conditions mentioned in the GTC above. The Seller presuppose that the technical conditions for internet shopping are granted on Customer side. Seller does not take any responsibility for the failures caused by Customer’s computer system or technical issues during network connections. Personal data protection on own computer system is fully customer’s obligatory and Seller does not take any responsibility for any damage on it.

14.2. All data, information, design, page structure, website operators, database, softwares on www.romani.hu are copyrighted. Any kind of utilization of these copyrighted data without preliminary permission of Seller is strictly forbidden.

14.3. The seller have the right to make any modification in GTC unilaterally. Any changes made in GTC are comes to force after were uploaded to the Company’s website. Legal relationships of Contracting parties are regulated by the instructions of GTC actual when the parties are concluding.

14.4. Parties are committed to communicate any notification concerning the contract on force in written or electronical form.
The notification is always dated at the time
-in case of personal or courier delivery is date on receipt
-in case of delivery by post is the date on post receipt
-in case of email, fax is the day after the notification was sent.
In case of DHL delivery the notification is considered as communicated if the notification been addressed to the address in contract, even if the notification could not be delivered due customer address was changed or the takeover was unsuccessful.

14.5. Is mutually agreed that any documents or information stored on computer system of both parties – with expected security conditions- are belonging to the order fulfillment communication.

14.6. Official language of the current GTC and for the contract on force is Hungarian. Any other translated versions communicated on Company’s website have only informative nature and in case of any translational mismatching appears the Hungarian regulation is the normative.

14.7. Legal disputes deriving from the Treaty the parties are undergoing to exclusive jurisdiction of Budai Központi Kerületi Bíróság (Budai District Court).

14.8. Any issues not regulated in actual GTC or in the contract on force are regulated by the article of Hungarian Civil Code (19513. IV.) concerning e-commerce services, information content services regulated by electronical civil code of Hungary ( 2001. CVIII.) or the Government Regulation about the contracted parties in distance (19913.II.5.).

Budapest, 2022. 1. july