In 2019, Romani Design started a regional project with Slovo 21 from the Czech Republic and  Association for Better Life from Slovakia. The program aims at popularising the often forgotten clothing traditions of Roma in the three countries, thus building the prestige of Roma communities in the Visegrad region.

Romani and its partner organisations will engage with Romani women and youth during 2019 through creative fashion workshops, along with collection and documentation of archive photos and traditional garments. The Romani outfits inspired by regional traditions and the collected pieces will be featured in the Spring/Summer 2019 collection and showcased at a large-scale fashion show at Khamoro Festival 2020 in Prague. Accompanying materials, such as photos, traditional outfits and fashion products created at the workshops in the three countries will be part of a traveling exhibition, organised in Kosice, Budapest and Prague in the spring of 2020.

Photos taken at the first community workshop in Hungary, at the Csatka religious fair. @ Zsofia Palyi

The project is funded by the Visegrad Fund.