Romani Design, the first Roma fashion brand of the world celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. We prepared for the occasion with a large series of events, but unfortunately, due to the coronavirus restrictions, we were not able to celebrate the jubilee in person with our friends, customers and supporters. Romani, like Roma communities that have survived centuries of adversity with creative adaptation strategies, redesigned its plans.

With this website, we would like to sum up 2020, which, despite the personal and work-related difficulties, has allowed us to turn to Roma communities and people with whom working together has brought much beauty and joy into our lives in a year that has been mainly characterised with isolation.

Amidst numerous hardships, we built on the strength of the community: working with different Roma groups, we created visual materials that commemorate the work of the past decade and illustrate what Romani’s community-building and identity-shaping power means to us. On the website, we present the pictures from our community photo shoots organized in 2020 with our photographer friend, Zsófia Pályi, and a capsule collection dreamed up this year, which reflects on the traditions of the Roma communities in the Visegrád region and their intertwining with Hungarian, Slovak and Czech folk costumes.

You can admire the photos and Visegrad garments live until January 15, 2021, walking in front of the LOffice Budapest building in Budapest, COVID-compatible.